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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Omg, today’s the day I finally get serious about my website. I have been talking about it for YEARS. Yes years. And years. And here we are.

My fears: nobody will look at it. Nobody will like my stuff. I am such a private person so WHY would I want to be so public...

But. I just uploaded my first 4 skeins of yarn and used the word ‘yummy’ only 4 or 5 times, delicious, only once, and I don’t think I mentioned love at all.

There’s room for improvement here but right at this moment, on my little iPad, in my sweet little kitchen, with the photo booth box taking up half of the dining room, EVERYTHING is alright!

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1 Comment

OMGGG YOU’RE REALLY DOING THIS!! It’s about time, those of us flung afar deserve access to your beautiful goods too! I love this so much. Snuggling my face against my phone screen image of Giant Yummy Skein #47 is about to become my morning ritual. 🤩

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